If someone with dementia or their carers feels that they need help from social services below is a list if schemes that may suit you;

Means-test financial assessment

Most local authorities charge for care that they provide or arrange. How much you pay depends on a means-test. This will determine how much the person pays and whether the local authority should make any contributions. The local authority must follow the “Fairer Charging” guidance from the government. Guidance on fair charging suggest that people receiving care at home should not be expected to live on an income lower than that of people receiving income support( basic level)

Direct Payments

Following your needs assessment and financial assessment, your council may offer you Direct Payments. They will pay you the cash to arrange and buy your own care. The cash must be spent on care that meets your assessed needs but it means you can choose your own care. However, the money must not go to a relative or anyone living in your household unless they are specifically employed as a live-in carer. You also need to keep records to show exactly how you have spent the money.

Self-Funded Care

In case you do not qualify for local authority funding, or if for any reason you choose not to be financially supported by the local authority, you can arrange and pay for your own care. The cost will depend on how much care you need and where you live.

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  • If you are meeting the cost from your savings or investments there are many funding options available, including some that could guarantee an income for your lifetime. You are advised to get specialist financial advice to help you to use your money to its best effect and to avoid running out of money. But, remember, it is always advisable to get a care needs assessment even if you know that you are going to pay for your own care.

Equity Release

This allows you to release the cash locked in your property without the expense of moving your home. Provided you area UK homeowner aged 55-95 then you could qualify for the equity release scheme. The money you release can be spent any way you want and you can stay in your own home.

Financial Support for Carers

If you are regularly caring for a relative at home, you have the right to request an assessment of the help you might need to enable you to continue caring. Such help could include changes to your housing, concerns about your health, your life balance and whether you have time to pursue your own activities or need a break from caring.


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